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Hey Ever After High people - I just found this pintrest board  where an individual has taken a bunch of OCs and is claiming them as their own characters. A lot of the images aren’t properly sourced or credited and it’s just generally pretty uncool.

I recommend if you have an OC and don’t want to see your art used like this you check it out and ask for your work to be taken down. 

( airinreika - I know I saw some of your art on there sweetie)

Oh my… Look at that… Well… Okay… She looks terri… different in poorly overdrawn BLUE hair and a flower crown that’s also blue for some reason. No.. don’t do that, please. Seams like most EAH digital drawers got at least one character stolen. Saw some of Jackie’s and Kinga’s but I think I recognize most of them…

Seriously if you do feel the need to steal my art. Go ahead, have fun getting credit for others work, just don’t attempt to dye thing. Never dye thing you steal. Gosh, the manners of some people.

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Beach doodle of my little Issie, so nice to draw some Ever After High

Beach doodle of my little Issie, so nice to draw some Ever After High


Once Upon A Time

Apple White™, Raven Queen, Briar Beauty & Madeline Hatter ©2014, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Art by freshplinfa

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ieatidiots asked: EVER AFTER HIGH


Pfff. Ever After High? What about Ever After Pie?

Just envision it:


And just think of the theme song


you thought that everything was baking for you

you thought that everything was set in scones

but now you’re feeling like a different pastry

sometimes you gotta time it on your owm



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